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  • Avoid beverages sweetened with sugar, Drink more water and sugar free beverages
  • Moderation is the Key, Eat proper portion sizes of food
  • Limit sweet desserts, cookies, and candy
  • Decrease intake of fried and fatty foods
  • Be more active, Move more
  • Eat regularly during the day


July 27, 2016
7 Steps to Weight Management

With summer in full swing a common them among peers is loosing and maintaining a comfortable weight.  Throughout the years I have found seven  simple steps to ensure a healthy body weight that is easy to follow and sure to work.  When beginning any new healthy regime, it is always beneficial to start with an Read More…

be good to yourself guide
November 20, 2015
Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

The holidays are a great time to keep it moving and try very hard to get in some regular activity. It is easy to put on a few extra pounds celebrating with all kinds of food and favorite recipes. Join me in keeping it moving by increasing activity in our daily routine during this busy Read More…

Portion Control Tips
November 20, 2015
Moderation is the Key

I have been a Registered Dietitian for over 30 years. The question that I am asked most often is “what can I eat”? Sometimes people will begin to list foods”, asking “Can I eat rice? What about potatoes? What about shrimp?” The list goes on and on. I am always delighted to tell people that Read More…